XYZ is the main brand behind a still-growing group of new top level domains (TLDs are the ending of a domain: .com, .org, etc). Starting with .xyz, they slowly and consistently added more to their repertoire. This was an enormous project; they needed branding for each newly acquired tld, a basic website template that could be easily edited for every tld, and an entire custom domain checkout system. They also needed branding and a simple website for the corporate company.

I used an older, unused version of the XYZ logo and turned it into an anaglyph, which the CEO of XYZ enjoyed because it allowed the brand to have fun with the concept of XYZ being the future of the internet. Since the corporate site was so simple, I turned some of its graphics into anaglyphs too.


XYZ started with 2 TLDs: .xyz and .college. Focus was, and still is, placed primarily on .xyz. Though I was not the brains behind the initial .xyz website and brand (Nik Williamson FTW) I played a major role in all of its updates and additions. I also created nearly all of the marketing collateral for the brand in my 4.5 year relationship with XYZ. 

Highlights from .xyz include:

  • The GenXYZ page, which features users with live websites on .xyz domains. My design for this was later replicated on most of the other TLD websites. It's sortable, links out to their domain, and displays some basic info about them.
  • The creation of an illustrated robot (who someone at XYZ named Sparky), to act as a character rep for the brand. I illustrated a timeline infographic and made a handful of other images featuring Sparky (view the full infographic here!)
  • Dotto (or ドット), a character made out of the dot in .xyz, specifically designed to market .xyz to Japanese audiences.

.College was used as the guinea pig for domain sales. When the time came to create a more robust brand and a website for .College, I was given 2 weeks to wireframe and completely design all responsive mockups. My wireframes were discarded at the end of week 1 in favor of using the WHMCS API to save considerable time in backend development.