Safe Bars, a project of Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) and Defend Yourself, trains and empowers staff at alcohol-serving establishments to recognize and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and assault among staff and patrons. It's a relatively new program that needed a logo and a few creative assets.

When the Executive Director of CASS, reached out to me, she requested that the logo feature Washington DC in some way. We went with a version that included the shape of DC in a yellow diamond, similar to yellow warning signs on the road, to represent safety.


I also created a sharable graphic for social media and a window decal that bars could put in their windows, showing that they've been through Safe Bars training.


Safe Bars has recently gained nationwide exposure—if you'd like to support Safe Bars or if you know of an alcohol-serving establishment that would love to go through training (you don't have to be in DC!), you can reach out to!