Hanna Dekker

Pinstop for The Ritz-Carlton

UX and branding work for Pinstop, which improves the concierge experience at hotels


PinStop is a new desktop web app that allows luxury hotels to provide their guests with a more elegant and tailored list of recommendations. The first hotel to want in happened to be The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo.

The app, which is currently being developed, has two main functions: to search for a place, and to create a list of places for guests. Concierges have the ability to add notes to places for their own records, and to add notes for the guests. Directions to each location are provided. Once a list has been created, it can be printed, texted, or emailed to a guest. The goal of this project was to have a consistent and beautiful experience for the guest that can be reskinned for each hotel.