Hanna Dekker




I am Hanna Dekker, a UX Designer and doodler. After many years in Los Angeles, I came back to Buffalo, NY where I now work with my own clients. I'm currently available for freelance projects—please reach out if you have something you'd like designed, or if you'd just like to chat about an idea. References and additional work samples available upon request.



Lead Generation
Mobile-First Landing Pages
Presentations & Decks
Creative Direction & Consulting
Hand Lettering




As long as I live, I hope I never have to hire another web designer. From user experience to logos to sales documents and more, she gets it perfect every time. Her aesthetic is chic and cutting edge, and her work is always delivered quickly and thoughtfully, often with tons of well-researched suggestions on how to improve what we’re working on.

For PINSTOP she designed our entire UX, nailing it after only one round of revisions. Those designs were presented to high-end corporate clients across Japan and were integral in us getting their business. I can’t thank her enough and can’t wait to keep working with her for years to come.
— Rhiannon Payne | PINSTOP

If genius and style were physical things, then Hanna would be out-bottling Coca-Cola. Her talent lies in taken what are normally banal things and turning them into introspective works of art. A simple “click here” becomes a eye catching reminder of fun summers drinking soda on the dock with your cousin when you were 12, a logo stops being text and rather becomes an inspiring monolith that you can hang your hopes and dreams on. She literally turns the ordinary into magic every day and frankly it’s amazing to even know her. She would be an excellent addition to ANY creative/design team, and I look forward to following her career!
— Matt Wiseman | Former coworker, XYZ